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michael in Oia
Michael Straugh


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Michael's latest project, "360", was released  November 21, 2014.

It is Michael's fifth CD, and marks a return for him, to a variety of roots. It is his only collection available on CD comprised of primarily vocal music. It represents many (and diverse) influences, ranging from the rock of "Under Glass" and "Diamonds in the Sky"; to the pop of "This is the Time of Our Life" and "Meant For Me"; to the jazz-influenced "As Sweet as the First" and "The Road Less Traveled"; to the folk of "Love You for Forever".

~ a note from Michael...
Hello everyone.

We have had a particularly divisive election here recently.  And while I don't wish to address politics specifically, there has been too much talk of hate to sit silently.  So I will quote "Human Family" by the great Maya Angelou, who of course says this better than I, "...we are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike."

Science tells us that where we percieve racial difference, at the genetic level there is none.  And I, for one, am quite sure that God percieves none among us, his creations.


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